Gas Safe Boiler Specialist in Hinckley
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Gas Works

Our gas safe engineer can terminate gas pipes and install cookers, fireplaces, boilers, saunas and much more.

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Cookers & Hobs

We are Gas safe engineers and can install new hobs and cookers or terminate existing pipes if you are switching to electric. We ensure that there are no gas leaks and that it's safe for you to cook.

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gas for cookers & hobs

stove & fireplace gas work

Stoves & Fireplaces

We can newly install gas pipework for stoves and fireplaces. We can also remove and terminate gas pipes if you have removed your fireplace and need the pipework safely closed off.

Saunas & Steam Rooms

We have expertise in installing and plumbing gas pipework for Saunas and steam rooms. Whether it's a commercial or a garden building, our gas safe engineer will ensure that it's safe for you to enjoy.

sauna gas plumbing