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We like to keep boilers going rather than replace them We can replace damaged pipe work and heat exchangers in the boiler.

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A leaking boiler is often caused by an internal component like a valve or seal. Seals can wear out over time and they can easily be replaced. It could be a pressure relief valve that is leaking due to the pressure being too high.

Corrosion could also be another reason why your boiler has developed a leak, some of the pipes may need replacing. We can identify the root cause of the leak and get your boiler back running ASAP.

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leaking boiler

low boiler pressure

Low Pressure

If your heating system has low pressure the boiler will not function properly, resulting in knocking & banging. You can check the pressure on the built-in pressure gauge and / or the vessels for the central heating. Usually, the pressure should be set at 1.5 bar. If it is below 1 it will need pressurising.

Low pressure can be due to a leak in the system, whether it's a radiator or other pipe leak. We can check your system to make sure there are no leaks and fix them should they be identified. DO NOT remove the cover of the boiler unless you are Gas Safe registered.

Pilot light keeps blowing out

This may be the thermocouple that is cutting the gas supply and may need to be replaced. There also may be a deposit build-up that is restricting the gas flow.

There may be an issue with your gas supply, check other appliances like your hob. Please give us a call and we can diagnose the fault and get you running in no time.

pilot light out